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SIA is an over the phone interpreting company ( English-Spanish only) for customers who want to contact the largest minority group in the USA, the 40 million Hispanic people that live in this country.

We are committed to provide a very affordable interpreting service, with highly qualified interpreters who have not only an excellent command of the languages but can assist with the cultural gap as well, understanding the obstacles encountered by the LEP (Limited English Proficient), and willing to reduce the communication barriers, preventing omissions, additions of words and expressions and changing of meaning of the message.

We specialize in different fields such as medical, insurance, financial, business, real estate, technical  and public relations, trying to built a positive communication through honesty, respect and compassion.
Spanish Interpreters of America was founded by dedicated professional interpreters with more than 20 years of experience and now they would like to share their knowledge with the community.

We are confident that our work will enhance the well-being of the relation  between the companies and LEP clients by helping them understand each other, avoiding problems and reducing the operational costs.

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