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With over 30 years of combined experience in the Over-thePhone
Interpretation Industry, the Spanish Interpreters of America, SIA Team is proud to offer you professionally trained, qualified interpreters who provide Fast, clear and accurate communication. With the SIA team, you are assured Privacy and confidentiality with satisfaction guaranteed all at reduced rates.
Spanish Interpreters of America, SIA, is affiliated with the ATA.

Interpretation services

Professional and specialized interpreters in the medical field.

  • Interpreters bound to the Interpreter Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines.
  • Interpreters committed to your Privacy and Confidentiality.
  • Interpreters go through SIA rigorous quality assurance and customer service training Increase the efficiency and level of understanding during medical visits
  • Increase the trust level with your patients and their families
  • Clarify a prescription question
  • Clear up diagnosis confusion
  • Determine what is covered and not covered by patient insurance

How It works

For you and your clients

This means that each time you call SIA Line Services, you can expect a professional interpreter with these skills and qualities:

  • Proficiency in both languages Spanish and English
  • General knowledge and intimate familiarity with both cultures
  • Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages
  • General knowledge of the subject to be interpreted
  • Excellent note-taking technique
  • Memory enhancement skills

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